Work with Kristina

Channeled sessions and coaching via phone or in person.


Working with Spirit to Bring Rapid Growth and Change for You!  I work within many realms. I hear my Guides, and they lead my sessions with you. We work within the physical world and the energetic realms, addressing  blockages that keep you from progressing or making change. I give personal sessions in which I channel your guides, coaching sessions tailored specifically for intuitives and healers, and house clearing visits.

Channeled Sessions

In these sessions we focus on your questions and issues. Using a multipronged approach we help you clear the past, inquire into difficult decisions, and open a greater understanding into your circumstances.

Sessions are one hour or 30 minutes.


Coaching for Healers

I help new health care practitioners kickstart their work and long time practitioners come back to loving their practice.

I help you set up practical step by step actions to address energetic blockages, and identify ways to step up your energy such that you are more visible, excited about your work, and living into your highest potential. This is a very concrete program to get you where you want to be.


Coaching for Intuitives

Know you're intuitive and yet don't trust it? Come develop your inner knowing. Learn to access it, honor it, and use it confidently in your everyday life!



House Clearing

Are you trying to sell a house and no one's buying?

Has life changed and your house feels strange?

Or is everything going wrong? Appliances break, the remodel won't go forward?

Schedule a House Clearing and get your house feeling better!


Classes and Events

I offer in person classes, online classes, and retreat for intuitives and healers.

I help intuitives develop new ways of being, such that they trust their inner knowledge and have ready access to it. For sensitive people, I teach new ways of being in the world to feel safe and strong. To stay informed of my upcoming classes and workshops, click this button below.


We take it step by step to see what is needed to facilitate your healing and personal growth. All my work is personally tailored to your individual needs.

Free Guidance Cheat Sheet

Six Proven Tips to Connect with Your Inner Guidance

These tips can start on your way to learning to listen within, feel safe in the world and generate greater self love.


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