Shamanic Acupuncture

Acupuncture integrated with crystals, sound healing and oils for a deeper, more comprehensive experience.


Acupuncture for Emotional and Spiritual Issues

Illness can come from many nonphysical origins; unexpressed emotions, unresolved personal issues, an inability to change, past lives, and carrying energies that are not one’s own.

36 Years of Practice

I’ve been practicing acupuncture for 36 years and in these last years I often marry vibrational healing with the acupuncture. I call it Shamanic Acupuncture because I am making changes in the invisible realms to impact the healing.

I usually work on the underlying issues contributing to a physical or emotional illness. I often work with trauma, depression, and emotional or spiritual disorganization.


Directed By the Guides

I use crystals, essential oils, and sound healing in addition to the needles, to reach the source levels of illness.

The Guides direct me in this process, often having me do two to three rounds of several needles paired with these other modalities.

Generally, the Guides will also comment briefly about the illness.

The effects are profound and long lasting. Clients are taken somewhere deep within themselves to remedy the origins of their illness.

Sessions last at least an hour and sometimes go longer. Sessions are done in San Miguel de Allende.

Please note I am seeing clients in an outside environment during the pandemic and I have special Mexico prices. Contact me for questions or to make an appointment.



"I absolutely love the shamanic acupuncture sessions with Kristina because they feel well rounded and complete. I know I can show up and fully express myself, receive support and guidance from her and her guides and then top it off with some physical help of the acupuncture to move energy and balance.

I always feel seen, validated, held and nourished when I walk away from our sessions. They’ve been an integral part of my prenatal care now throughout 2 of my pregnancies." NL, SMA, MX

Pairing Shamanic Acupuncture with a Channeled Reading 

"In our sessions you communicated to me what the guides had to say. The acupuncture, crystals, sound healing and oils helped my body to receive and integrate what I had heard with my ears. This integration was beyond words.

I feel the altered state I experienced after a session stayed with me and while it appeared to diminish after a period of time I know it was still in me helping me to gain a new perspective of the issues that were addressed in the talking part of the session.   

Eventually this new perspective would rise  into my consciousness in the form of words so that my mind could experience this shift as well." CB, SMA, MX

 These sessions last an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes. Pricing depends on what we do and how long we work together.


One Hour Session

Schedule your Shamanic Acupuncture session.


Custom Session

Interested in doing a reading with the Guides and Shamanic Acupuncture? Contact me to schedule a combined session.


Are you curious as to how Kristina's powerful Shamanic Acupuncture can help you? Do you have specific needs to be addressed? Contact Trust Your Guidance.

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