About Me

"I was never normal...I just wasn't."

I could see past lives and knew things intuitively. I didn't fit in and wasn't sure what I wanted.

This is My Flight Towards Wholeness.

Let me know if I can assist you as you come back to yourself. I use my ability to mix love and compassion with some tough, kick butt, no nonsense, change now insight, to help you.

I Couldn't Find My Place in Life.

I could see past lives, knew things intuitively, and felt weird...different..I wasn't normal...

I felt lost and confused and wasn't sure what I really wanted.

Eventually, I headed to the Pacific Northwest where I took off on a bold journey in communal living. I started a land trust with others, had large rituals to honor Mother Nature, and grew food. It was a fun wild time…and yet, I was still confused and unfulfilled.

Eventually I Began the Healers' Journey.

I started acupuncture school and this felt right.

I finished school, had several practices and was fairly successful…and yet I still wasn't satisfied…

Finally I landed in Prescott, Arizona, where I found like-minded souls and began my inner work, healing my childhood wounds, and developing my hidden psychic abilities.

I took a spiritual path into meditation, Sufism, and Dances of Universal Peace. I studied Non-Violent Communication and learned to be more present and compassionate.

I Transformed and Grew.

Slowly, slowly I became more kind hearted towards myself and less judgmental of others. I became less attached to how I looked and more engaged with my authentic self.

Concurrently, I brought someone into my office who channeled Dr Peebles, a metaphysician from the early 1900s.  I listened to his wisdom and tried to understand my life from a new perspective. He helped us identify and develop our inner knowing.

I finally became OK with myself!  I began to truly accept and honor my gifts. 


I Realized I Was a Highly Sensitive Person. 

I learned how to take special care of myself and eventually I found what made me happy, how to walk my different walk, and how to bring my special blend of weirdness out in the world.

Now my intuition, ability to speak with Spirit Guides, and agility in seeing past lives, serve all I work with.

I use my ability to mix love and compassion with some tough, kick butt, no nonsense, change now insight, to help you in your flight towards wholeness.

Are You on Your Journey to Your True Self?

The World Needs You!

Are you ready to love all parts of yourself?

And step into your gifts and wild, precious uniqueness? 

The world needs everything you have to give...


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Let us help you develop your precious gifts!

What I Know for Sure:

  • We are all precious souls on a path towards wholeness.
  • Our illnesses, personal tragedies, and “mistakes” are openings to grow and transform.
  • Happiness comes from hearing our own inner voice. Being still and listening to it allows us to follow our life path.
  • Guidance is always available if we take the time to tune in.
  • Life is a magical, mystery tour to be lived in every moment. Waiting to be “there,” or to be “happy,” doesn’t work.
  • Gratitude, trust, and love are the keys to coming home to ourselves.


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