Do You Trust Your Guidance?

Learn to listen within, feel safe in the world, and generate greater self love.


Kristina Rogers LAc, Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Coach

Are You An Intuitive, Spiritual Person?

  • Are you intuitive but don't trust what you get?
  • Follow a Spiritual path, yet find something's missing?
  • Have trouble grasping your self worth?

Get Ready to:

  • Trust your intuition and Inner Guidance implicitly.
  • Walk your path with confidence and courage.
  • Feel empowered by your clarity and self worth.
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Develop Your Inner Skills

Want to sharpen your ability to connect with your Inner Guidance and Self Knowing? Come get a session or take a class!


Read about my healing journey that has brought me to where I am.

I'm now in a place where I can work with your questions and transitions in a different, non-linear way and help you have access to your Guides and deeper inner guidance.

Online Classes

Learn how to gain clarity and strengthen your inner knowing with practical tools and techniques. My programs include video classes, exercises, meditations, and in some cases, live online classes. These are skills you can easily incorporate into your life. 


I offer two Coaching programs, one for Intuitives and one for Healers. My coaching for healers is for both the experienced practitioner and the beginning practitioner. Each program is tailored specifically for your needs. 

Work with Kristina

Check out my Sessions with Your Guides, House Clearing, Classes, and Coaching.


Contact Kristina directly to find out which kind of guidance you need.

Want Rapid Growth and Change?

Free Guidance Cheat Sheet

Six Proven Tips to Connect with Your Inner Guidance

Start on your way to learning to listen within, feel safe in the world and generate greater self love.



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